Floor Mattings



Promark is now engaging into selling different kinds of product which would still be related to environmental care. With mattings coming along, image, safety, protection and health of the employees and also customers are our concern.


  • Image - Improves the image of the company from customers. 42% of customers check the floorings first to judge if the company is clean or not. Second is the smell. 
  • Safety - Disables slips and falls to avoid slip/fall lawsuit and other additional company charges
  • Protection - Helps lengthen the finish of the floor. Removes the dust, dirt, and grime that comes from outside the building.
  • Health - With dust and other components removed, a company will remain healthy and those allergic to dust and dirt would be safe.


Considering this concepts for maintaining the building and the welfare of employees and customers, the company will be known more for its cleanliness and safety. 


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