Cleaning and Sanitation Equipment


Long considered the leader in restroom cleaning technology, Kaivac offers a variety of restroom cleaning alternatives that fit virtually any restroom or budget on the planet. No matter the size or construction of the restroom, Kaivac can deliver cost-effective hygienic results for you. There's no longer any excuse for not providing a clean, healthy restroom.

Kaivac’s science based No-Touch Cleaning Systems are designed from the start to remove the maximum amount of bio-pollution.  They combine automatic chemical metering and injection, and indoor pressure washer and a powerful wet vacuum into an integrated system. Empowering workers to hygienically clean without touching contaminated surfaces, they not only clean better, but also cut labor, chemical and equipment costs while raising worker morale and image.

Benefits and advantages:

  • Cleaner and safer buildings 
  • Reduced Costs (Labor, Equipment, Chemicals)
  • Speeds Productivity
  • Multi-tasking with enhanced features
  • Easy Transportation
  • Convenient Dumping and Filling
  • HEPA Filtered Vacuuming and Blowing



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