Membrane Filtration and Separation


Membrane Filtration has been a very popular technology for cleaning away impurities such as bacteria, sugar and salt. Our company has adapated to this vast concept of treating water and wastewater, and specializes on it with the help of our foreign prinicipals, and expertise of the technical team.

Promark provides the latest technology of membrane filtration and best technical service available for clients. Promark also provide solutions which answers the requirements of the client whether it involves area availability, pure treatment of water, and water reuse, etc.

Membrane Technology that Promark provides for Water Solutions are Ultrafiltration Membranes, RO membranes, and Nanofiltration Membranes.


  • Small Footprints, Scale to fit designs
  • Better removal of contaminants
  • High Efficiency, Quality, Cost Effective
  • Cleaner and purified water
  • Long filtration media life w/ operation and maintenance



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